A college degree is no longer the only way to build a successful career in Data Science. 

Traditional university education models require both a significant time and financial investment, a combination that has led many adult learners to question if pursuing a traditional education is worth it.

Here’s the truth: a degree is still a great way to establish the foundation of a career.

But if a degree doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or budget (or you just don’t want to go to school for another four years), a bootcamp is a viable option.

Finding the right Data Science bootcamp isn’t always easy, but it is relatively simple once you know the factors to consider and the bootcamp elements to look for.

What are the best Data Science bootcamps?

We recommend the Pace Data Science Bootcamp for remote students and the NYC Data Science Bootcamp and Codeup’s Data Science Bootcamp for learners who prefer in-person Data Science education.

1. Pace’s Data Science Bootcamp

Location: Fully remote

Commitment: Part-time (less than 15 hours per week)

Length: 24 weeks

Price: $2,500

Pace’s Data Science Bootcamp equips you with the knowledge, tools and training you need to achieve your career goals. Through this bootcamp, you’ll learn foundational Data Science concepts and strategies, learn how to analyze and organize data and better understand how to navigate the world’s most commonly-used programming languages.

You’ll gain an industry-recognized certificate upon graduation, one that helps you improve your earning power toward even more meaningful Data Science positions. After completing the bootcamp, you’ll qualify for a variety of Data Science internship programs alongside a range of entry-level Data Science careers.

2. Data Science Dojo’s (DSD) Data Science Bootcamp

Location: Online available

Commitment: Full time (35+ hours per week)

Length: 16 weeks

Price: $3,799–$4,500

DSD’s bootcamp is a great option for beginners or aspiring Data Scientists who don’t have any (or have very little) prior field knowledge or experience and are looking to learn and refine foundational skills. They offer two different levels of bootcamp, the “sensei” version with 1:1 mentorship, career support and hands-on experience, or the “dojo” version with limited training materials and little-to-no support.

3. Codeup’s Data Science Bootcamp

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Commitment: Full-time (40 hours per week)

Length: 20 weeks

Price: $27,500

Codeup’s program is an immersive, in-person bootcamp designed to teach you fluency in core Data Science components, including mastering programming languages (like Python and SQL), machine learning, data visualization, data storytelling and more.

4. NYC Data Science Bootcamp

Location: New York City

Commitment: Full-time (40 hours per week)

Length: 12 weeks

Price: $17,600

NYC’s bootcamp is designed to equip you with the most modern and effective Data Science techniques and skills. In addition to receiving expert mentorship throughout the coursework, you’ll be given the opportunity to network with peers, gain hands-on experience and receive career support along the way.

5. Springboard’s Data Science Career Track

Location: Online

Commitment: Part-time (less than 20 hours per week)

Length: 6 months

Price: $11,340

Springboard’s bootcamp is ideal for those going through a career change from web or software development into Data Science. While the length of this bootcamp is on the longer side, you’ll cover a variety of topics, including data wrangling, data storytelling and machine learning.

The potential downsides of this bootcamp are the length of time it takes to complete, the price, and the fact you need prerequisites in order to be accepted; namely, you need a minimum of six months experience in coding and a solid understanding of basic probability and descriptive statistics.

Which Data Science bootcamp is right for me?

The best Data Science bootcamp is going to depend on which best accommodates your lifestyle and career goals. By taking into consideration a few key factors, you can narrow down your choices and more clearly identify which bootcamp is the right fit for you and your professional path.

Some of these factors include:

  • Your level of experience in the Data Science world
  • Your budget, how much you’re willing to invest and if a payment plan is necessary
  • Your preference of learning in-person, fully remotely, or through a hybrid model
  • Your commitment availability (part-time or full-time)

If you’re ready to take your Data Science career to the next level, we’re ready to help.

How can I get started in Data Science?

Pace partners with top-tier universities to offer affordable and effective bootcamps to both aspiring and existing data scientists. Whether you’re working on building your very first career or are going through a career change, our bootcamps are designed to be able to help establish your professional foundation as well as advance existing careers.

Pace’s Data Science Bootcamp will help you become an established Data Science professional in under 6 months, regardless of if you have any previous experience or knowledge of the field. We’ll provide the education, resources, tools and training to help you land a lucrative, rewarding Data Science position — without the need to complete a four-year college degree program.

Contact our Solutions team today to get started.