The Modern Apprenticeship.

We train and develop talented, diverse professionals through digital apprenticeships.

Breathing life back into the modern learning experience.

Pace is more than an online education platform — it's a better way to build a tech-ready workforce. Not only do we offer highly curated, education programs online; we put an entire success team behind every learner — from admissions to completion assistance to Career Services.

As soon as learners are fully educated – through accelerated bootcamps that teach today’s in-demand skills – they’re made available for onboarding.

Our university partnerships create a modernized learning experience, ideal for specialists seeking new skills and employees seeking new specialists.

Ready to assemble your tech-ready team? Here's how PACE makes that happen.

For Employers

Recruit and retain through an apprentice scholar program – Onboard diverse talent trained through Pace courses, by onboarding diverse talent trained through licensed Pace programming.

Upskill and retain employees – We offer employers the opportunity to improve employee retention and eliminate employee turnover, by providing each worker with the skills they need to deepen skillsets, retain workplace value and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

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For Education Partners

Increase enrollments – Enjoy curated college and university programs already aligned to current job market priorities.

Engage in an education exchange – Leverage global employer networks, licensed curriculums and hands-on labs to expand your reach through our online education exchange.

Encourage workforce transformation – Introduce new voices to key tech markets when you release fully-trained program graduates into difference-making roles.

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For Learners

We offer hybrid and online self-paced programs, where real mentors advise your next move each step of the way.

Our top-rated Student Success team is at your service for any and all course questions — from onboarding to financing to the final results. We've heard it all, and we can’t wait to help you get started.

The all-in-one place for launching
(or re-launching) your career

Stand out in today’s market

All online education is not created equal. We’ve curated only those certificates and bootcamps where learners have a track record of success — both in the program itself and in the job market afterward.

A team of real people ready to help

We’ve bundled the best remote, self-paced and hybrid educational programs with the best parts of the university experience — support from real humans, every step of the way.

The flexibility to learn at your pace

Life — and learning — doesn’t fit into perfectly planned timelines. We offer online certificates and bootcamps that give you the flexibility to learn on your schedule.


Selecting your course

Not all certificates or bootcamps are right for every learner. Need financial aid? Have a tight timeline? Just not sure where to start? Our Admissions Advisors are real people that know your unique circumstances to set you up for success.

Progressing in your program

We only place our learners in programs where they’ll be set up for success. A dedicated Program Advisor will walk with you every step of the way, helping you track your process and remove any roadblocks you may encounter.

Thriving in the real world

You’ve crushed your goals and completed your program — hooray! But the excitement is just beginning. Our advisors will help guide you in polishing up your resume and conducting mock interviews, with personalized job searching assistance for a year after you’re done.