Cloud Engineering Online Bootcamp

You’re 18 weeks from the six-figure cloud development career you deserve. Enroll today to learn career-ready skills in quantum computing, serverless paradigm and network architecture.

The 50,000 Foot View

Kickstart your career in 18 weeks.

Our online Cloud Engineering Bootcamp prepares students to define today’s rapidly-evolving cloud computing landscape. Hands-on labs and portfolio-ready projects prepare you — and your resume — for the rewarding cloud leadership position you deserve.

Learn from skilled cloud experts, already employed by the world’s leading cloud organizations. You’ll rapidly develop a skillset rich in immediately deployable cloud strategies, with the full support of a Career Services department that helps you optimize your resume, survey the job landscape and prepare for interviews. Whether you’re looking to join the cloud computing market or deepen your earning power as a seasoned tech professional, we’re ready to add your informed voice to a waiting cloud landscape.


Who is this program for?

Our online Cloud Engineering Bootcamp was designed for IT professionals looking to build better careers through cloud computing education. If you have a high school degree and basic computer skills — coding not included — you’re fully eligible to apply.

You don’t need a college degree to apply to any Pace bootcamp. In fact, many students apply to our bootcamps in lieu of a traditional, four-year degree. Our Cloud Engineering Bootcamp is perfect for recent graduates, current IT or tech specialists, project managers and anyone interested in learning and leveraging an on-demand cloud engineering toolkit.

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What you could do (and make)

Cloud Engineer

Create, maintain and protect an organization’s cloud infrastructure, while optimizing structures to satisfy team database needs.

Approximately $168,800 per year

Solutions Architect

Design and implement cloud frameworks that pair an organization’s problems with cloud solutions that keep data safe and immediately accessible.

Approximately $146,500 per year

Cloud Administrator

Transition data from local storage to secure cloud servers, to accommodate organizational needs while managing cloud workloads across the network.

Approximately $101,400 per year

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Boost Your Earnings And Advance Your Career

Reference career roles and associated information, for updated information on potential career earnings for Cloud Engineering Bootcamp students in your location.



What You Will Learn

Embrace a future in cloud engineering, through hands-on courses as flexible as you are. 600+ on-demand modules taught by legendary instructors allow you to learn at your own pace.

We pair live learning sessions with one-on-one mentor calls, to reinforce practice with theory from some of the world’s leading cloud engineering advisors.

Course objectives

Cloud Computing Fundamentals — Accelerate your understanding of cornerstone cloud engineer concepts, including storage, cloud management and networking best practices

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals — Build on CompTIA+ Certifications with successive modules focused on Azure Architecture and Design, to inform your construction of scalable, ethical cloud infrastructures.

AWS Fundamentals — Grow familiar with IaaS and PaaS AWS cloud deployment models, alongside the single framework that combines computing, data storage, analytics, reporting and website management.

Final Capstone — Demonstrate cloud engineering mastery by delivering a portfolio-ready project that captures the attention of recruiters and global cloud employers.

The Nitty Gritty

Today’s cloud engineering curriculum should do more than introduce learners to popular cloud computing concepts. Each module should better prepare bright students with brighter futures in cloud computing, through modules that over-deliver on their promise to educate and inform.

Our Online Cloud Engineering Bootcamp teaches the cloud skills that employers need. Elevate your career outlook in 18 weeks, behind personalized learning that connects every student with the tools they’ll need for long-term tech success. Live sessions with industry experts reinforce further your knowledge in cloud platforms and underlying theory.



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Our Instructors

Our global network of professional IT instructors — both educators and mentors — make accelerated education possible.

Each mentor maintains active IT credentials, to enhance the learning experience of every Cloud Engineering Certification student.

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Albert Lyngzeidetson
Jeff Lund
Hector Martinez
Michael Garrett
Zsolt Nagy
Khurram Pirzada

What our Students Say

I’m so happy to have taken a bold step in learning cloud computing. This course presented the entire landscape of cloud infrastructure in a concise and easy to learn format.

“I learned things I never thought I would.”

The course was natural and concise, even for a newbie. The self-paced nature ensures you understand each topic or concept before moving on to the next. … Industry experts help you understand the world of cloud computing and the opportunities out there

- Arthur, Cloud Engineer Bootcamp graduate

What sets us apart?

The mentors we trust and products we offer exist for one reason — to help you identify, pursue and achieve the career of your choice. Our student-first approach to education combines hands-on learning and rigorous career support, to help elevate your career on your time.

Real-world relevancy

We've curated a collection of programs aligned with today's job market, to prepare students like you for a waiting variety of six-figure cloud careers.​

Mentors ready to help

Earn support from real people, every step of the way. Instructors, mentors and Career Services staff centralize efforts around the career you’ll shortly deserve.

Learn at your pace

Life — and learning — doesn’t fit into perfectly planned timelines. We offer online certificates and bootcamps that give you the flexibility to learn on your schedule

Cloud Engineering Bootcamp FAQs

PACE cloud bootcamps familiarizes students with a variety of cloud strategies. Students learn foundational cloud engineering concepts like Microsoft Azure and AWS fundamentals, Python programming, CompTIA Cloud+ and Linux for beginners.

This course offers helpful information for beginners looking to take steps toward a fulfilling career in cloud computing. Our curriculums also accommodate current cloud employees looking to deepen their IT skillsets.

Our online Cloud Engineer Bootcamp lasts 18 weeks, and teaches learners foundational skills that elevate developing IT skillsets.

PACE is committed to making bootcamps affordable for every student, regardless of your financial background. We offer a variety of scholarships for qualifying students, up to 30% of total tuition costs.

Our cloud engineering bootcamp costs $5100. We offer a variety of payment options, so that you never have to choose between your wallet and your career. Pay before your bootcamp begins, pay monthly or defer payments entirely until you achieve the career you deserve.

Each PACE bootcamp is completed entirely online.

Our bootcamps are design for both working professionals and students. Pursue both academic and professional success while completing one or more bootcamps on your timeline.

Our cloud courses provide all students with the skills to fulfill a wide array of cloud careers. Our Career Services department can help you pursue these opportunities at any time following your program.

Pace's online Cloud Engineering Bootcamp will launch your cloud engineering career. Our bootcamp graduates are experts in the most in-demand skills and technologies in the industry.