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Data Science

  1. Benefits of government sponsored data education

    4 Benefits of Government-Sponsored Data Education | Pace

    Categories: Data Science

    In this blog, we'll explore five benefits of government-sponsored data education programs.

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  2. How to land a data science job with no experience

    How to Land a Data Science Job with No Experience

    Categories: Data Science

    Can I Get a Data Science Job with No Experience?

    Data science is a rapidly growing field that offers high-paying, rewarding careers. However, breaking into the industry can be challenging, particularly if you don't have prior experience. In this blog, we'll explore how you can land a data science job, even if you have no experience. We'll discuss the steps you can take to acquire the skills needed for data science, build a portfolio, and market yourself effectively.

    Take an Online Bootcamp

    One of the best ways to acquire the skills needed for data science is by taking an online bootcamp. Online bootcamps are a cost-effective and flexible way to learn the skills needed to become a data scientist. Bootcamps cover topics such as programming languages like Python, statistics, data modeling, and data visualization. By completing an online bootcamp, you'll be well-equipped to take on the challenges of modern data science.

    To get the most out of your bootcamp experience, it's essential to choose a reputable bootcamp provider. Look for bootcamps that offer hands-on, project-based learning, and provide access to experienced instructors and mentors. Additionally, consider enrolling in a bootcamp that offers career services

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  3. Solving for the largest modern data engineering skills gaps

    Solving for the Largest Modern Data Engineering Skills Gaps | Pace

    Categories: Data Science

    Discover the importance of data analysis, filtering, presentation, and governance. Plus, find out how a data engineering bootcamp from Pace can help you acquire these essential skills.

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  4. best Data Science bootcamps

    The 5 Best Data Science Bootcamps to Accelerate Your Career in 2023

    Categories: Data Science

    A college degree is no longer the only way to build a successful career in Data Science. 

    Traditional university education models require both a significant time and financial investment, a combination that has led many adult learners to question if pursuing a traditional education is worth it.

    Here’s the truth: a degree is still a great way to establish the foundation of a career.

    But if a degree doesn’t fit into your lifestyle or budget (or you just don’t want to go to school for another four years), a bootcamp is a viable option.

    Finding the right Data Science bootcamp isn’t always easy, but it is relatively simple once you know the factors to consider and the bootcamp elements to look for.

    What are the best Data Science bootcamps?

    We recommend the Pace Data Science Bootcamp for remote students and the NYC Data Science Bootcamp and Codeup’s Data Science Bootcamp for learners who prefer in-person Data Science education.

    1. Pace’s Data Science Bootcamp

    Location: Fully remote

    Commitment: Part-time (less than 15 hours per week)

    Length: 24 weeks

    Price: $2,500

    Pace’s Data Science Bootcamp equips you with the knowledge, tools and training you need to achieve your career goals. Through this bootcamp, you’ll learn foundational Data Science concepts and strategies, learn how to analyze and organize data and better understand how to navigate the w

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  5. top data science trends 2023

    5 Must-Monitor Data Science Trends for 2023

    Categories: Data Science

    Data science is a field where data scientists, and other data professionals, analyze trends in data sets to give companies operations about their performance. The current demand for data transparency in the business world creates more opportunities than ever for data scientists to gather, analyze and process data in new ways.

    What data science trends will define 2023?

    Data science isn’t just for data scientists. 60% of the world’s companies currently use data and analytics to improve operations, a figure destined to grow in the next year. Trends in artificial intelligence, data democratization, data-as-a-service, data governance and augmented analytics could define the direction of the data science world in 2023.

    1. Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) might conjure images of JARVIS from the Iron Man movies for some; others might picture a never-ending row of computers with complicated switches and flashing lights. In reality, AI uses an intelligent algorithm to process data automatically and utilize it for specific purposes, which means many data practices, like gathering, can be completed by computer.

    Here are some examples of the ways AI can help a business:

    • Optimize customer service — Many online businesses use chatbots to make customer communication more convenient, even when a live customer service agent is available to speak with a particular customer.
    • Elevate productivity — Not everyone has the luxury
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  6. how to become a data specialist

    How to Become a Data Specialist: 3 Steps

    Categories: Data Science

    So, you’re interested in becoming a data specialist. Maybe it’s time for a career change? Perhaps you’ve discovered you have a talent for data organization. Whatever the reason, there’s no better time to enter the world of data analysis.

    Here are the 3 steps between you and a data specialist career:

    1. Complete your education in data analysis.
    2. Develop your data analysis style through work experience.
    3. Continually improve your data skills.

    Data specialist careers are full of potential, rich in opportunities for growth and flexibility.

    Unlike more rigid career paths, data analysis has a career for virtually everyone, no matter your job goals. Here’s how to get started, in four easy steps.

    What is the career path of a data specialist?

    Aspiring data specialists should sign up for formal education, develop their data analysis style and pursue continuing education as data analysis trends change and evolve.

    As an essential part of any organization, data specialists help businesses:

    • Apply data science and data management best practices
    • Use data to make sound strategic decisions
    • Organize data into usable formats for all employees
    • Write algorithm scripts using Python and other programming languages

    Not every data specialist follows the same career path, but most follow similar steps.

    First comes the education — aspiring data specialists will need education in statistics, problem solving, data visualization and other skills. There are a

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  7. how to become a data architect

    How to Become a Data Architect in 5 Steps (with No Experience)

    Categories: Data Science

    One of the most promising careers within the data science world is that of data architect.

    Data architects harness the power of data to make informed, accurate decisions that help them find long-lasting solutions to a wide variety of business challenges and problems. They can work in many different industries, including (but not limited to) healthcare, finance, entertainment and government.

    What is a data architect?

    Data architects are information technology (IT) specialists who define policies, procedures, models and systems for collecting, organizing, analyzing and storing company information. 

    Their exact duties and responsibilities will vary per position and per company, but there are some day-to-day responsibilities you can expect in just about every data architect’s role.

    Some of these duties include:

    • Creating and optimizing systems to ensure data accuracy
    • Implementing data management procedures
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  8. how to become a data scientist

    How to Become a Data Scientist in 5 Steps (with No Experience)

    Categories: Data Science

    Data science is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today — named the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review.

    This rapid industry expansion has resulted in a massive demand for data science professionals, including data scientists. You’re only five steps from becoming a data scientist and earning an estimated $145,000 per year.

    What is a data scientist?

    A data scientist is someone who specializes in analyzing and interpreting different kinds of data. 

    They need a strong background in subjects like mathematics, statistics and computer science. They typically have a curiosity that helps them identify the most effective solutions for different complex problems, and they also possess the technical skills necessary to solve data-related problems.

    There are many different careers within the data science field, each with varying res

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