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  1. it bootcamp vs degree

    Information Technology Bootcamp vs Degree: Which One is Better for Me?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    IT bootcamps and IT degrees are among the most popular IT education options. While IT bootcamps are better for beginners or accelerated learners, IT degrees provide more of a long-standing foundation in the world of computer science.

    The best educational choice for you is going to depend on a variety of personal factors such as your existing skills, current job status (and field), your amount of field-relevant experience, your finances and the time you can commit to your education.

    In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at IT bootcamps and college degree programs to help you identify which education model is the best fit for your career path.

    IT bootcamp vs degree: what you need to know

    Both Information Technology bootcamps and computer science degrees can be highly beneficial to someone pursuing a career in IT. It’s possible to pursue both forms of education, and some people choose to do so in order to pre-qualify themselves for higher-paying, more senior positions.

    What most aspiring IT professionals do is pursue either a bootcamp or degree, and then seek out additional education or certifications later in their career, if and when it’s necessary.

    Here’s the bottom line: there’s more than one way to break into the IT industry, and there’s more than one way to become successful. There are, however, certain programs that are better suited to your personal lifestyle and career goals than others.

    What should I know about a computer science degree?

    A college degree provides a comprehensive overview of the IT landscape, and often takes a full four years to complete. This represents a significant investment, both longer and more expensive than other IT training options.

    Through a computer science degree, you'll typically gain a strong understanding of essential software fundamentals, such as algorithms, data structures, coding, linear algebra, calculus, digital architecture, operation s

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  2. it bootcamp vs internship

    Information Technology Bootcamp vs Internship: Which is Better for Me?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    IT careers don’t grow on trees — despite the estimated 682,800 computer and IT positions that should become available over the next decade. To obtain the IT position you deserve, you’ll likely need a combination of education and experience.

    IT bootcamps and IT internships represent two of the best ways that modern students can learn practical skills in information technology and related fields.

    Which learning option is better for you: an IT bootcamp or an IT internship?

    Students who are brand new to IT or are seeking to update their industry knowledge and skills will likely prefer a bootcamp education method. By contrast, students who have already received some form of formal or informal IT education would likely benefit from the experience that an IT internship can deliver.

    IT bootcamps and internships both have their own set of pros and cons. In the next few minutes, we’ll help to break down which IT education option is better for you — and why.

    What is an IT internship?

    An Information Technology internship is an experience-based stepping stone that helps entry-level professionals transition into the IT workforce. No two IT internships are alike, but in most cases, you’ll be responsible for assisting in developing, maintaining, repairing and installing different systems and softwares.

    The length of an IT internship can range from 4 weeks to 12 months (depending on the employer), but are most commonly 3-6 months, and are generally unpaid.

    Not getting paid isn’t a dealbreaker for everyone, but it’s an important fact to be aware of. You will still gain significant on-the-job experience, but you’ll likely have to find other ways to support yourself during this time, ways that won’t interfere with your internship commitment.

    At the right company, you can gain invaluable wisdom and experien

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  3. it bootcamp cost

    How Much Does an IT Bootcamp Cost?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    There was a time when the best way to enter the IT industry was to enroll in a traditional college or university IT program. Four years and tens of thousands of dollars later, you’d graduate with an IT diploma and begin your search for a career in tech.

    Not anymore.

    IT bootcamps are priced at $2,500 — or lower, with a scholarship program like the one Pace offers — and can teach you many of the same skills for a fraction of the traditional price. In a world where barely 50% of Americans now believe college degrees are essential for a successful career, IT bootcamps are quickly on the rise.

    Priced considerably lower than a university degree, and capable of teaching you critical IT skills in weeks instead of years, IT bootcamps are entirely worth the investment.

    What will an IT bootcamp cost me?

    An IT bootcamp can run several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on a wide range of bootcamp features. On average, an IT bootcamp will potentially cost $3,000-$4,000 — considerably more than our $2,500 all-inclusive IT bootcamp program.

    It’s important to consider the price of an IT bootcamp, along with other factors, since not all IT bootcamps are created equal.

    This wide price range depends on a variety of factors, including:

    • Program reputation — Some IT bootcamps might cost more simply because they are hosted by a popular or well-known education provider.
    • Level of customization — Generic bootcamps, while often cost-efficient, are less effective than programs that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.
    • Personal focus — Group bootcamp programs are usually much more affordable than those that offer, or focus on, one-on-one mentorship.
    • Lo
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  4. IT bootcamps 2023

    The 5 Best IT Bootcamps of 2023

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    Now is a great time to break into the Information Technology (IT) industry.

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the demand for IT specialists is going to surge between 2021 and 2031, at a growth rate that should create thousands of new IT positions each year. The median annual pay for professionals in the IT industry is already higher than the median annual wage for professionals in other industries, and it’s only predicted to grow in upcoming years.

    To grow within the IT industry, you’re going to need to keep your technical knowledge and skills sharp — bootcamps are a great way to make that happen. IT bootcamps help keep your skills fresh as technology evolves; you’ll learn new ways to protect data, manage networks and develop programs that save companies time, money and energy.

    What are the best IT bootcamps?

    The best IT bootcamps provide a rich combination of skill and experience, and help to prepare learners for productive futures in IT. Consider Pace’s IT Helpdesk Bootcamp, the Cybersecurity Master Bootcamp, TrueCoder’s bootcamps, Flatiron School’s bootcamps and UCR Extension Bootcamps for a jumpstart toward the IT career you deserve.

    1. IT Helpdesk Bootcamp by Pace

    Location: Fully remote

    Commitment: Part-time

    Length: 14 weeks

    Price: Flexible payment options

    Pace’s IT HelpDesk Bootcamp is less than four months, a program designed to equip you with all of the education, resources and skills you need to build a successful career in IT from the ground up. For those enrolling in the bootcamp with prior experience and looking to grow their careers, you’ll receive more field-specific and personalized guid

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  5. it career path

    A Practical Guide to a Successful IT Career Path

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    Information Technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing fields in the world — with new positions opening every day for aspiring IT professionals. Whether you want to help companies build cloud networks, manage digital data or protect against cyberattacks, there’s an IT role that’s ideal for you.

    Your path to a preferred IT career might look different than your coworkers’, but you’ll share a few steps along the way. For example, all IT careers require the right blend of skill and experience in order to qualify for meaningful IT employment.

    What skills do I need for a career in IT?

    IT professionals depend on skills in programming, troubleshooting, cloud architecture, DevOps and machine learning to protect their organization’s networks and digital data.

    The exact IT skills you will need to learn will depend on the nature of your position. For example, the skills a cloud architect needs are different from the skills an information security analyst might depend on. There are, however, certain foundational skills you’ll be expected to have a basic understanding of for most IT positions.

    Some of the top IT skills you will likely need are:

    • Basic technical capabilities (technical writing, coding, database management, network configuration and operations)
    • Foundational soft skills (communication, organization, collaboration, time management)
    • Security troubleshooting and optimization
    • Application architecture and development
    • Creativity and ability to think outside of the box for solutions
    • Logic, analysis and the ability to clearly make decisions

    The skills needed in IT are diverse. In this industry, it’s important to develop — and refresh — skills that you’ll depend on every day.

    What IT careers should I consider?

    The Information Technology industry is more diverse than we can fully address in this article alone. IT careers require a unique blen

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  6. are information technology bootcamps worth it

    Are Information Technology Bootcamps Worth It?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    Information Technology bootcamps teach skills in cybersecurity, networking, and system fundamentals. IT bootcamps are worth your time, money and energy — as long as you’re ready to commit to the education process.

    For many businesses, IT is a critical ingredient for success. Information Technology helps companies of all sizes protect their digital information, and protect the employees who use that information every day. To support these strategies, IT professionals need to stay up-to-date on the latest industry topics, trends and tools.

    To navigate the always-evolving field of IT, many of the best IT experts rely on the ongoing training that only an IT bootcamp can provide.

    What are the benefits of an IT bootcamp?

    The right IT bootcamp offers several powerful benefits:

    • Lower overall price and shorter training time
    • Strong development of the top IT skills
    • Access to the most up-to-date industry knowledge and strategies
    • Wider range of professional opportunities
    • Ability to get a job faster, wit less education-related debt
    • Increased salary-earning potential

    The best IT bootcamps can help aspiring IT professionals quickly transition from learners to earners in less than four months. You’ll quickly develop skills in critical IT fields, and apply those skills to gain real-life experience before your bootcamp concludes.

    Many IT bootcamps cost less than a traditional four-year degree and help you launch a fulfilling IT career in a fraction of the time.

    What are the cons of an IT bootcamp?

    IT bootcamps aren’t for everyone. Here are some of the cons to an IT bootcamp:

    • Online learning can be challenging for students who prefer in-person learning
    • Can’t take the place of a four-year university degree
    • Not all IT bootcamps provide the same value
    • Different financing options than other education packages
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  7. how to become an it specialist

    A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an IT Specialist — Without a Degree

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    Today, technology is at the core of almost every company in the world. 80% of companies use technology in some form for marketing, product fulfillment, personnel management or other operations — all to make the company a better, safer place to work.

    This increase in technology has led to a parallel demand for IT Specialists — professionals who understand how to create, maintain and optimize computer systems for their employers. If you’re passionate about working with computers or you want to help companies of all sizes make better use of their computer systems, the role of an IT Specialist might be ideal for you.

    How do I become an IT specialist?

    Most aspiring IT professionals follow five steps to become an IT Specialist:

    1. Obtain IT-related education
    2. Combine your IT skills and experience
    3. Complete additional IT certifications
    4. Network across the IT industry
    5. Consider ongoing IT training

    There are many ways to become an IT Specialist. We’ve outlined one of the easiest paths to IT success in more detail below.

    1. Complete your initial IT education

    Today, many IT Specialists choose to first obtain an IT degree in computer science or a related field. However, that’s hardly the only way to obtain the IT education you need. In fact, barely 50% of Americans view a college degree as vital for their careers. The rest have found a better way to learn — like an accelerated IT Bootcamp that teaches IT fundamentals in a matter of weeks.

    No matter how you learn IT fundamentals, know that the best IT programs all have on

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  8. how to become an information security analyst

    How to Become an Information Security Analyst: 5 Steps

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    You can build a successful career as an information security analyst, by having a computer-related degree or building experience through an entry-level position, being fluent in essential skills and tools, attaining field-relevant certifications, networking with peers and industry leaders through bootcamp.

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