For Employers​

Apprenticeships offer you access to diverse and engaged talent, trained specifically for your data and tech needs.

Pace has built a seamless platform for full-cycle recruiting, training, and coaching throughout the apprenticeship.

Redefining the Apprentice Model

Pace has changed the way the modern tech employer builds a talent pipeline. We build diverse, talented team members in record time, and partner with companies ready to hire them. After meeting with your team to identify organizational challenges and your ideal employee persona, we’ll recruit and train aspiring tech experts to fill your open roles.​


    Hire apprentices that help you:

  • Eliminates skills gap and talent pipeline needs;

  • Mobilize an agile workforce at a fraction of the traditional cost;​

  • Improves employee tenure and ROI by building vs buying talent;

  • Fosters relationships with skilled people certified in emerging roles;

  • Leverage high potential, underrepresented talent with high skillsets and higher potential;​

  • Continually train an apprentice-based workforce through complimentary, 12-month coaching directly from Pace.

Pace offers curated curriculum offerings to support you in the development and growth of a strong and diverse talent pipeline.

Real Employer Benefits

  • Access pre-trained, diversely talented apprentices at a fraction of the traditional cost

  • Build a talented network, certified in emerging roles

  • Provide continuous, skills-based education from Pace, 12 months after course graduation

  • Sustainable 30-40% cost savings over traditional-sourced talent​

  • Yield higher retention rates from professional trained, long-term apprentices

An Example of How it Works

Meet Charlee:Bartender, who attended Community College and hoping for a job in IT.

Problem:Limited IT experience, attended Community College and few career prospects.

Solution:New Apprenticeship provided a pathway to fuel her IT passion & career.

The Apprenticeship Journey​

Transformational Apprenticeship Career Paths​


of apprentices are from underrepresented groups that are out of reach of most job-seeking organizations.


of apprentices are retained by employers' post-apprenticeship.


of apprentices are promoted after one year of employment.


of apprentices graduate from our educational program.

Helping You Achieve Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Goals​

Up-Skill Your Employees

We can provide your team with the same training built for internal apprentices, to improve employee retention and improve ROI through accelerated tech education.

  • Transform your workforce when you provide your employees with industry-recognized certifications.

  • Close the skills gap and meet project quality, cost and timeline parameters.

  • Improve employee retention rates.

  • Reduce employee turnover by 30%.

With PACE's learning exchange, you'll be able to equip your strategic and functional-level managers with projectlevel goals to personalize a learning and coaching path for their teams.

For every dollar you spend:

  • Receive 20-25% more job applications
  • Achieve 50% to 80% employee retention
  • Increase the likelihood of internal promotion 700%

Apprenticeship FAQs

Internships are typically short-term work agreements between organizations and entry-level employees. Apprenticeships include structured training and employment for aspiring business professionals, alongside with ongoing mentorship.

Training an apprentice is significantly expensive, sometimes as much as $25,000 per apprentice. Fortunately, employing an apprentice through PACE doesn’t cost you anything besides the cost of a regular onboarding.

PACE sources 85% of apprentices from underrepresented groups out of reach of the most job-seeking organizations. Your organization can leverage this diverse talent pool to drive growth and deepen success.

Your organization can achieve diversity, inclusion and equity goals through the right apprenticeship partners. If you’re committed to workplace diversity and seeking new opportunities to drive high-level growth, your organization is ideal for an apprenticeship.

Becoming an apprentice hiring partner can upskill your existing team, improve employee retention and increase ROI through an agile workforce sourced through our university marketplace.

Our talent pool for apprenticeships remains diverse and well-informed, through industry-recognized certification and ongoing mentorship. Unlike new talent, apprenticeship credentials are verified through PACE, which means stronger results from day one.

We source students for apprenticeships through diversified outreach networks, and through partnerships with some of North America’s top-performing colleges and universities.

Our apprenticeship program is optimized to help organizations of all sizes close the skill gap and maintain high project quality. Unlike other programs, we’re proven to reduce employee turnover rates and improve retention, without compromising your business goals.