PaceLearn develops and facilitates invitation-only Data Science Councils where corporate business leaders in Data Science can enhance their skills, make new connections, and give back to the next generation as a path forward. Along with the consortium of university partner we facilitate an invitation only program that connects Leadership with Employers & universities

PaceLearn Advisory Council Benefits

Learn and Grow

Industry Specific Leadership Training and Quality Advice

As a leader in your field, it's mission critical you continue to learn and perfect your skills. It's also essential that these skills are immediately transferrable to your career. That is why Pace Advisory Councils provide industry-specific leadership trainings as well as additional opportunities for our members to learn and grow. Our monthly virtual events employ a broad range of topics specific to your field, providing you with quality information and guidance for several different business and industry-specific challenges. All members get to nominate one person to receive a full scholarship to attend one of our Bootcamps! Additionally, our members serve one another, providing counsel and advice on an as-needed basis.

Networking and Connections

Build Connections with Leaders in your Field.

Continuing to grow and develop is paramount. Council Members can attend industry-specific leadership trainings and receive actionable advice from other leaders in their field. When you become a Pace Learn Council Member, you become part of a network of leaders. If selected to be on one of our Councils, you'll quickly connect with leaders in your field and be presented the opportunity to build meaningful connections. You'll be invited to join your Council's private LinkedIn page and our monthly virtual events. As a professional, you need a network that "gets it" and has the right expertise. With Pace Learn Advisory Councils, you can rest assured you'll get answers to pressing questions from a group of trusted leaders. No need to waste time and scour the internet, going through unverified sources. Our council members have tons of industry-specific experience and are always happy to lend their expertise. All Advisory Councils have a monthly virtual event.

Build Your Brand

"Why should I care about building a brand when I have so much more on my plate?"

The answer is straightforward. Creating and publishing quality content on a routine basis builds professional credibility and increases visibility. We work together, focusing on promoting this content, putting your name out there, and making it more likely you'll get discovered for additional opportunities. It's about positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Complete List of Council Member Benefits:

  • Join a network of leaders in your field at our monthly virtual event. All dates are given in advance for the year.
  • Events are Council meetings, lunch & learns, new member meet & greets, leadership training, and webinars.
  • Give and receive mentorship.
  • Gain exposure through videos, blogs, websites, and other social channels.
  • Personalized Advisory Council profile page.
  • Personalized public profile that students and Council members can view.
  • Private LinkedIn group, connecting with other business leaders in your field. Great networking opportunity
  • Full access to the course. You or someone in your organization can enroll in the program and receive all the same benefits our traditional students do.
  • Council Concierge service and dedicated point of contact.
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Help shape the direction of university curriculum by giving feedback.

Enhance Mentorship Skills and Empower the Next Generation

When joining a PaceLearn Advisory Council, you are joining a network of trusted peers from whom you can give and receive advice. Our Council Members can mentor students going through our courses. As an education company, we also provide teachings and trainings to help our PaceLearn Council Members become better mentors and leaders.

Five Reasons to Become a Mentor with Pace Learn

Improve your leadership

Part of being a good leader is being able to help those you may not have a natural connection with. As we become more effective mentors, we raise our leadership capacity because we're relating with more people, finding new ways to apply our skills, and placing a greater emphasis on active listening. All these things help sharpen a mentor's ability to lead others.

Shape the leaders of

This is a rewarding experience for you as well as those you help. Strive to give back to the next generation of people in your field. It can be one of the most rewarding things you'll do in your career.

Gain fresh ideas and different

Mentoring allows you to step outside your comfort zone and help someone else. Being a Pace Learn mentor is an opportunity to pick up new insights while gaining a better understanding of your industry and the people in it. Being in tune with various perspectives often leads to new ideas and professional growth.

Develop and exercise emotional

An essential part of mentoring is being able to show empathy, understanding, and the ability to connect with mentees. Mentoring is a great way to hone your emotional intelligence skills. Skills like this help pave the way for career advancement and improve relationships inside and outside of the business world.

Increase your overall

Mentors are often recognized as valuable resources that benefit the organization and are well-equipped to lead others. In 2015 Sun Microsystems concluded a 5-year study on over 1,000 of their employees and found that those who served as a mentor were 600% more likely to be internally promoted. Mentoring is not some feel-good fluffy thing to do. It's helping and leading others and increasing your value in the process.

Private LinkedIn Group

  • Each Pace Learn Advisory Council has its own private LinkedIn Page, specific to the background of the members.
  • Each week provides either a discussion or learning opportunity relevant to your field.
  • It's an opportunity for our members to learn, have discussions, and build connections
Our private LinkedIn Groups:
  • Have a weekly post and discussion
  • Feature content produced by our members
  • Have networking opportunities
  • Have learning opportunities
  • Are private, and only for Council Members.

Our mission is to provide a dynamic social networking experience where you can connect, learn, and grow with people with similar backgrounds.

How To Qualify

Help Shape The Role Of University Curriculum

When students complete one of our Bootcamps, they get a certificate from one of our accredited university partners. Advisory Council Members can help shape their corresponding course's overall direction by providing written feedback and participating in live discussions. Members' feedback is not thrown in a virtual suggestion box. We show our members how their feedback at large is being measured and utilized to drive the evolvement of the course and its' related resources.