Essential Project Management Professional Exam Preparation

Why join?

Completing the PMP Exam Preparation curriculum is one of the most important steps in becoming a professional project manager. Our Essential Project Management (PMP6) Exam Preparation course emphasizes PM skills, in anticipation of a strong exam.

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The 50,000 Foot View

Kickstart your project management career

Created for project managers, leaders, team members and anyone interested in pursuing a similar job, our Essential Project Management Exam Prep course takes the guesswork out of your next career move. You’ll learn to define project management fundamentals, plan project costs, collaborate with stakeholders, and monitor project scope. Our program will not only prepare you to pass the exam, but it will also meet the 35-hour educational requirement to register for the exam.


Who it’s for

Pace’s programs are designed for savvy professionals looking to advance careers in project management. This course was engineered for project management employees, or aspiring employees, in entry-level roles —all looking to advance their career as project management professionals. While this course does not deliver a PMP certification, it helps to thoroughly prepare you for your exam, and for life as a project management leader after you pass with flying colors.

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What could I make as a project manager?

Our Essential Project Management Exam Prep course can fast-track your qualification for a number of high-profile project management careers. These can include:

IT Project Manager

An IT Project Manager plans, organizes and implements a company or client's technical projects. Their main duties include coordinating production releases and roll-outs, delegating tasks to the necessary employees and presenting on projects' progress and results.

Approximately $144,000 per year


Technical Project Manager

A Technical Project Manager is responsible for providing project planning and management for established initiatives within a company. They ensure that projects are completed to specification, within an established time frame and budget.

Approximately $155,000 per year

Boost Your Earnings And Advance Your Career

Here are a few potential careers and associated earnings data typically associated with Project Management Professional Exam Preparation students.



The nitty gritty

If you’re looking to manage top company projects — and remain prepared for every project management situation —you’ll need a PMP certification. Our Essential Project Management Exam Preparation course is the best way to ready yourself for that certification exam, and for the project management responsibilities you’ll face in the career to follow.

Please note that PMP Certification testing is now conducted via a proctored online session. More information on the PMI website can be found here.



Course objectives

This course will help you learn the following, in preparation for your PMP exam:

Define project management fundamentals within your organization.

Structure your organization’s project management methodology.

Initiate and develop a project management plan and its individual components.

Plan a project schedule, resources and procurements.

Forecast potential project costs and risks.

Execute project details.

Monitor project work, scope, risks, stakeholder engagement and communications.

Control project changes, schedule, costs, quality and resources.

Close a project and reporting on its initial and ongoing results.

This concentrated program cost: $995