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Let’s get started to launch your AI and machine learning career. Our bootcamp graduates are experts in the most in-demand skills and technologies in the industry.

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The 50,000 Foot View

Kickstart your career in 24 weeks.

Pace’s AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp offers hands-on learning to prepare you for the Microsoft AI-100 certification. In 24 weeks, you’ll hone your skills, techniques, methods, and best practices for AI and machine learning. You will learn job-ready skills via self-paced courses, hands-on training, and live sessions with industry experts.

Who it’s for

Machine learning researchers work with data and build machine learning models. They clean and interpret data and build models using a combination of machine learning algorithms and data.

Approximately $142,000 per year

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What you could do (and make)

Machine Learning Researcher

Pace’s bootcamps are designed for IT professionals looking to advance their career in AI and machine learning. You must have an associate degree and experience in data analysis/data science. Basic knowledge in algebra, calculus, and programming is also required.

AI/ML Developer

AI/ML developers build AI functionality into software applications and convert machine learning APIs.

Approximately $126,000 per year

Data Science Engineer

Machine Learning Data science engineers for machine learning design ML systems, identify differences in data distribution, and perform statistical analysis.

Approximately $125,000 per year